Sunday, May 31, 2015

Cheap Easy Fried Ice Cream

You know how you go to a Mexican restaurant and have amazing food because lets face it what Mexican food isn't amazing. Our favorite restaurant is Jalepenos, its great, we try to eat there on special occasions to make it seem even better! I love their chicken chimichangas with some guacamole and sour cream. To die for.

Back to the initial point, after you ate the deliciois meal and at this point you probably need to pop the button of your jeans to feel comfortable but dessert still sounds enticing? Yeah, we all know how that feels. Well my husband and I's go to dessert is sopapillas with fried ice cream. Yes, FRIED ice cream.

Well the correct way to do it is to roll ice cream into a ball then roll it in cinnamon and sugar, corn flakes and freeze completley before frying ina  fryer. However, because I am supremely lazy when I decide I want ice cream....thats too much work.  I geniously came up with a cheap easy hack for fried ice cream.

I scoop some ice cream into a bowl...which happend to be the cheap container of chocolate revel from the grocery store.

Crush some frosted flakes into the bowl and sprinkle with cinnamom and sugar and voila!!! Fried ice cream.

Enjoy! I apologize for the sloppy looking bowl....I dug in before I took a picture